2 in 1 Electric Rose Quartz Facial Roller


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The Electric Rose Quartz Face Roller and Massager offers a great self-care duo. The facial roller helps improve firmness, blood flow and skin tone, while the under-eye stone and helps reduce puffy eyes, dark circles and Inflammation.

The set includes:

  • 1 Facial roller
  • 1 Massaging base
  • 1 Under-eye stone
  • Relaxes your facial muscles.
  • Calms inflammation and increases blood circulation.
  • Eliminates harmful toxins.
  • Fades dark circles under the eyes.
  • Stimulates and increases collagen production.
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness.
  • Helps serums, creams and oils penetrate the skin.
  • Aids in draining lymphatic fluids and toxins.


Face roller:

  1. Apply a facial oil, serum, or moisturizer that’s slippery enough. If you don’t have lubrication, the tool can pull or tug your skin, which may actually contribute to wrinkles.
  2. Start at your neck and roll upward. For best results, roll up, not back and forth.
  3. Roll from your jawline to your ear on both sides using gentle pressure. You can continue this motion all the way from your jaw to your cheekbone.
  4. Roll from your forehead up toward your hairline, only in the upward direction. It’s the same gentle pull you would use if you were pulling your skin taut and wrinkle-free with your hands.
  5. Roll flat over your eyebrows horizontally, which may feel relieving if you have a headache.

Ps: Rose quartz is also knows as the "love stone" and is meant to have calming, self-love benefits.


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